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World Book Encyclopedia 2015
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The Lure of Learning - World Book Encyclopedia 2015! Through the striking image of bees seeking nourishment from a flower, the SPINESCAPE® design for the World Book Encyclopedia 2015 edition—The Lure of Learning—represents the human desire for knowledge. Bees depend on flowers to provide them with sustenance. So, too, do readers depend on the World Book Encyclopedia to provide them with accurate and authoritative information needed to develop a better understanding of their world. Your family...

World Book Encyclopedia 2014 Encyclopedia 2014, World Book Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia book, new encyclopedia, buy encyclopedia, encyclopedia set, kids encyclopedia
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Originally published in 1917, the World Book Encyclopedia is the best selling print encyclopedia set in the world. The World Book Encyclopedia 2014 presents information in an accessible, usable format that promotes learning. World Book Encyclopedia 2014 is designed to meet the reference needs of students from elementary school through high school and beyond. This informational text can be used by college students for review and reinforcement and also serves as a great family reference source....

World Book Encyclopedia 2013
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Though many among us are in the thrall of the latest whiz-bang electronic information-retrieval technology, a “technology gap” can limit our access to reliable, understandable information in many places in this country and elsewhere in the world. Our annual edition helps to bridge that gap. The 2013 Edition of World Book Encyclopedia - Giving Wings to Knowledge - represents the power of curiosity and the beauty of knowledge through the image of a dazzling macaw soaring through a tropical rain...

Americas Presidents
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NEW- World Book of America's Presidents- now updated with 2012 Election Information! America's Presidents- newly revised and up-to-date, this outstanding two-volume American Presidents book set examines the United States presidency and its historical importance in rich detail. The first volume in this book about U.S. presidents - The President’s World - showcases the duties, privileges, and broad power of the president. It goes in-depth into the typical, daily life of a United States...

Building Blocks of Mathematics Paperback
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World Book Building Blocks of Math now available in paperback! The fun and inventive series was designed in collaboration with elementary mathematics education experts. Titles in this series: Addition Division Fractions Multiplication Numbers Subtraction Building Blocks of Math, About the Illustrator: Sam Hiti is very tall, but of average height when sitting at his drafting table. He has been drawing comics full time independently since 2004. He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with his wife,...

Building Blocks of Science Paperback
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World Book Building Blocks of Science now available in paperback! Each of the 10 fun science books features a comic character to guide the reader through a physical science topic. Titles in this series: Electricity Energy Force and Motion Gravity Heat Light Magnetism Matter and How It Changes Matter and its Properties Sound

Building Blocks of Science: Life Science Set 1
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Now available, a new eight-volume set to the popular Building Blocks of Science Series. These books feature whimsical characters to guide young readers through topics exploring the human body systems. Full-page or full-spread diagrams detail the different parts of each body system. This series is perfect for students across a spectrum of reading comprehension and science mastery levels. About the Illustrator: Sam Hiti is very tall, but of average height when sitting at his drafting table. He...

Building Blocks of Life Science for Kids
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New! Building Blocks of Life Science Set 2!This new addition to the Building Blocks of Science Series explores animal behavior using real-life examples to simplify often complex topics. Kids will be introduced to such engrossing subjects as plant classification, genetic traits and heredity, the cell cycle, and more, in the familiar fun, approachable style of the popular Building Blocks Series.Titles in this series:Animal BehaviorAnimal Life CyclesAnimal Structure and ClassificationThe Cell...

Discovery Encyclopedia kids encyclopedia, childrens encyclopedia,
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You’re seven years old. You’re walking through the woods near your house. The forest is so green. You can smell earth. You hear birds in the trees overhead. You come upon a tree that fell during a storm the other night. You look up in the top of the fallen branches. You discover a monarch butterfly, majestic, dark orange, lord of all he surveys. Now you’re nine. You’re at the beach. It’s low tide, and you are walking around tide pools. You see periwinkles, and sand dollars, and barnacles. You...

Documenting History
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World Book’s Documenting History is a 12-volume set that examines important aspects of modern history through a range of historical documents and primary source materials. Among the historical developments featured in this set are the African American struggle for civil rights and the worldwide movement for female suffrage. The volumes include historic documents, such as photos, letters, illustrations, eyewitness accounts, interviews, news reports, radio transcripts, and official documents....

Dr. Mollie Cule Reboots the Robot
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Join Dr. Mollie Cule on her mission to reassemble Axel the robot! Complete with step-by-step, illustrated instructions, this book introduces the amazing science behind some of the coolest activities out there, including creating a tornado and building a robot hand. In the process of helping Mollie repair Axel, keep your mind sharp by learning about electricity, binary math, density, and more. Perfect for at-home diversion, these activities hold the interest of even the most curious scientists...

Endangered Animals and Extinct Animals of the World for Kids
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New! Endangered Animals of the World!This new, in-depth, eight-volume series focuses on endangered and extinct animals throughout different regions of the world. Each of seven volumes spotlights a specific region and features information about selected threatened species, including scientific classification, physical characteristics, behaviors, threat level, and reasons for endangerment. An eighth volume focuses on some animals that have lost their fight for species survival. Titles in...