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People and Places, 2nd Edition
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World Book's Encyclopedia of People and Places provides accurate and up-to-date information on the geography, economies, histories, and people of the 194 independent nations of the world in a colorful, lavishly illustrated format. Such features as fact boxes, full-color maps, and a cumulative index make essential information accessible for students and other readers. These elements also promote familiarity with reference sources. The A-Z organization of the set allows readers to locate each...

Atlas of the World
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The World Book Atlas of the World details the Earth with dramatic maps, diagrams, and other visually stunning artwork. Newly redesigned, expanded, and updated, this comprehensive, engaging world atlas features full-color physical and political maps of the world to capture students’ attention. The Atlas of the World is a collection of maps of different continents, regions and oceans in an easy-to-reference and easy-to-understand format. Also each region and continent is arranged with different...

Early Peoples
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Early Peoples Early Peoples throughout History and Today World Book’s Early Peoples series is a 16-volume collection that examines such ancient civilizations of the Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans, and others. Six of the volumes cover North America’s Native Americans and Mayan and Aztec cultures. Each volume contains fascinating sections about the origins and rise of each civilization or culture; social structure and the role of women; methods of warfare; daily life and customs; diet;...

Ecology and Living Green Package
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Two Great Kids' Learning Book Sets to Teach Your Children About the Environment!For a limited time only, get World Book's Ecology, and Living Green together!World Book Ecology: World Book's ecology set takes your family through cities, coastlines, oceans, polar lands, and beyond to learn about the specific ecological traits of different parts of the world, as well as the different environmental issues that these places face.Living Green: Learn all about environmental issues and green living...

Illustrated Atlas
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Illustrated Atlas World Book's Illustrated Atlas is a great tool to teach your kids about Maps! From the editors of the World Book Encyclopedia, colorful maps and illustrations make this the ideal atlas for young students acquiring their map-reading and other geography-related skills. This 288 page illustrated atlas includes detailed maps of all seven continents. Hundreds of pictures make it a colorful and fun atlas for kids to learn about the world. World book also has an adult Atlas for...

Make it Work Geography: Maps
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Hands-on geography experiments and projects! World Book presents Maps, part of the Make it Work: Geography series! Geography helps us to understand what happened to the earth in the past, how it is changing now, and what might happened to it in the future. Learning maps is an important part of geography study. People make maps to record and share information about the world we live in. Ancient maps can tell us a lot about what people know of the world in the part and the ideas they thought...

Make it Work Geography: Oceans
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Hands-on geography experiments and projects! World Book presents Oceans, part of the Make it Work: Geography series! What is oceanography and why do people study it? Why are some oceans frozen and some sea warm? Does life exist at the bottom of the ocean and how do we know? Understanding ocean is an important part of geography study because oceans cover over 70 percent of the earth's surface. The way we treat the oceans today will affect the earth, the oceans, and the creatures that live in...

Make it Work Geography: Rivers
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World Book presents Rivers, part of the Make it Work: Geography series! Where do rivers come from and why do people settle near them? How do rivers form valleys and underground caves? Rivers are an important and powerful force in shaping the land. On average, about 5,600 cubic miles of water flow down the world's rivers each year; rivers carry away about 22 billion tons of rocks, soil and sand from the land into the sea or into lakes. By this book, we will look at rivers and some of the...

Make it Work Geography: Weather
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World Book presents Weather, part of the Make it Work: Geography series! Studying weather is an important part of geography. This book carry out easy and fun geography experiments and projects to help you understand how the weather works. Learn more about wind, rain, cloud and sunshine; discover how different types of weather shape the world we live. This book has clear instructions for geography experiments and model-making geography projects, precise explanatory text and fascinating...

Natural Disasters
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Natural Disasters World Book’s Natural Disasters is a 15-volume, richly illustrated set that explains the science behind natural disasters and provides fascinating examples of powerful forces of nature at work throughout recorded history. The text and illustrations combine to explain the destructive power of nature’s fury and its devastating effects. The forces of nature covered by the set include blizzards;
 forest fires; 
 heat waves; hurricanes, typhoons and...

World Book Ecology: Life in the Cities
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World Book Ecology: Life in the Cities City is a community where thousands—or even millions—of people live and work. Cities are the world's most crowded places. Cities were first built over 10,000 years ago; now they have been built on every continent except Antarctica. Learn all about Cities as World Book Ecology presents Life in the Cities, explore the ecology, cultures and living environment in the cities around the world. World Book Ecology Series: From the makers of the World Book...

World Book Ecology: Life in the Deserts
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World Book Ecology: Life in the Deserts Desert is a barren region of Earth's surface that receives little rainfall. Many deserts have hot climates marked by extremely high temperatures, especially during the day. Although deserts can appear lifeless, many of them support a surprising variety of living things. During the day, desert plants use special adaptations to avoid losing water. At night, a desert can come alive with animals that spent the daylight hours hiding from the sun’s rays. Learn...